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Should I Have Professional Roofing Contractors Assess My Roof for Storm Damage?

A large storm just moved through your area. The windows shook, and the roof took a beating from both the rain and hail. As the clouds clear, most homeowners are concerned about their property’s structural integrity.

It’s easy to look at the windows and siding, but the roof is an entirely different entity. Ideally, hire a professional roofing contractor to assess the roof for any damages. There won’t be any surprises when the next storm arrives in town.

Locating Minor Flaws

A casual glance at the rooftop might tell you that there’s nothing wrong after a storm. Professional roofers, however, may think otherwise. Minor flaws occur after even mild or moderate storms. Shingle cracks, missing corners and bent flashing are just a few of the flaws found by regional roofers. These damages may not seem like a big deal to the homeowners, but they can contribute to major problems in the near future. Professionals will suggest minor repairs upon assessment.

Discovering Leak Origination Points

It’s been a few weeks since the last storm. A strange, yellow stain has appeared on your second-floor ceiling. This stain could be from moisture entering the rooftop. The professionals use the stain clue to backtrack to the original leak point. In fact, there may be more than one leak area. Only the professionals can find these areas well because of their training and experience.

Working With the Insurance Company

If damage does occur from a recent storm, your homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all the damages. Dealing with the rooftop on your own, though, leaves you with a lot of homework to do. You must call the insurance company for a quote. Hiring professional roofers means that they get to perform these duties in your place. They explain the situation and resolve any payment issues.

Ensuring Safety

Working with professional roofers ensures your safety. There’s no need for you to climb up onto the roof. The professionals might snap photographs of any damages so that you can see the issues up close. Roofers bring all their safety gear too. Homeowners don’t have to rent harnesses or ladders to perform the work themselves. The safety factor is the main reason why homeowners should contact the professionals. An unsteady roof can occur at any time. Roofers know when it’s safe to walk on the surface.

Benefiting From Warranty Coverage

A lasting perk from a professional, roofing visit is the warranty. Regardless of the repair or replacement details, there’s normally a warranty associated with the work. The professionals will return if any issues arise after they’ve completed the project. You don’t have to worry about damages occurring again with this coverage that can last several months.

The best contractors are bonded, licensed and insured. As you interview several candidates for your project, ask about these qualifications. Hire the company that has a good record in the industry, especially businesses with alot of references. Your rooftop deserves a thorough assessment for the good of your property’s value and family’s safety.

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