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Sun City West Roofing Services

Getting a new roof can make your home look like new while preserving the value of your investment in home ownership. Homes can withstand the test of time when you keep up with routine maintenance, but neglecting your roof can lead to avoidable property damage. Our reliable team can work with you to maintain and repair your roof at affordable rates.

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Why Maintain Your Roof?

A leaking roof can quietly cause water damage in areas that most homeowners never see. In many cases, homeowners do not discover a leaking roof until extensive damage has already been caused. You may start to notice water damage to drywall or smell mold in your home. In extreme cases, damage caused by a neglected roof can lead to your home being declared uninhabitable or prevent you from selling your home. Fortunately, you can avoid internal home damage by having your roof inspected on a regular basis and completing maintenance promptly. If you have already spotted damage inside your home, having your roof replaced or repaired can prevent additional damage from being done.

How Stell Roofing Can Help

At Stell Roofing, we have over 27 years of experience helping homeowners get their roofs repaired fast and with minimal hassle. Unlike the average Sun City West roofing company that tries to do the minimum, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled customer experience. We will work closely with you to assess the problems that your roof is having and identify effective solutions. Over the years, our company has acquired expertise in fixing all types of roofs, including peaked roofs, flat roofs, and roofs that protect commercial buildings. We will give you an honest recommendation about what your roof needs and turn the work around promptly for you.

Outstanding Customer Service

Discovering that you have roof damage can understandably cause significant distress. Our team will help to quell your fears by communicating with you at every step in the roof repair process. We are happy to accommodate reasonable requests, and our team will leave your property free of debris, nails, and other hazardous trash that an ordinary Sun City West roofer would leave behind.

Most importantly, our customers can vouch for our commitment to reliability, integrity, and outstanding customer service. Our Google Places listing has an average rating of 4.9 and about 100 reviews that rave about our work quality and commitment to customer service. On Yelp, we have a perfect 5-star rating and nearly 200 reviews. We understand that the average homeowner is wary about trusting a roofer, but we develop unmatched relationships with our clients that enable us to provide better service than many of the world’s leading brands.

Affordable Rates

When you hire a Sun City West roofing company, you usually have the choice of getting bad service from a cheap provider or paying a fortune to get the quality of service that you should expect. We bridge the gap between quality and price by delivering honest services without gouging our customers. Our business has become one of the leading Sun City West roofing companies by earning the trust of our clients and charging reasonable rates. We believe that the best way to build a sustainable business is to charge customers fair prices so that they will have a reason to come back.

Effective management is the key to our ability to deliver competitive prices. We are a family-owned business that hires only the best workers. When we hire new crew members, we look for individuals who are experienced, reliable, and willing to put in an honest day’s work. New members who join our team go through extensive training. We also teach our team members how to work together effectively, and we do everything we can to keep our crew highly motivated. Our management philosophy enables us to get high-quality work done fast so that we can complete jobs with fewer labor hours than the average Sun City West roofer. Consequently, we can afford to pass on significant cost savings to our customers.

A+ Rating From the Better Business Bureau

One of the best ways to pick out a reliable roofer is to have a look at the Better Business Bureau’s website. Many Sun City West roofing companies often try to hide their BBB rating, but we are proud to share our A+ rating with our customers. We address complaints promptly and never leave a customer dissatisfied. Our company has never received a negative complaint from the BBB because we communicate with our customers and make satisfaction our goal.

When our customers have a problem, they never have to seek help from a third party because we keep the lines of communication open. If you have a problem with the work that is being done on your property, you can contact the owner of our company, Mike Snell, directly. We go the extra mile to resolve customer complaints, and we have a consistent track record of achieving satisfaction.

Free Estimates

When you have a problem with your roof, there is nothing worse than not knowing how much it will cost to fix. Our team can provide rapid and accurate estimates so that you can start to get your roof fixed as soon as possible. Whether your issue is minor or severe, our Sun City West roofing team is glad to help you to identify an effective solution. If we find that your roof does not have any issues that require maintenance, our team will not try to sell you on services that you do not need or charge you for the estimate. We never make property owners pay for estimates because we believe that customers should only pay when a problem is solved.

Choosing a Sun City West Roofer

Selecting the right Sun City West roofer is an important step toward getting your roof fixed as soon as possible. If you procrastinate getting a Sun City West roofer, your property will continue to experience more extensive damage with each passing day. Give our roofers a call or fill out our contact form to start the process of fixing your roof today.