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5 Things to Do Immediately About Leaking Skylights

A leaking skylight can prove frustrating for home or business owners. When it rains, one looks forward to hearing the pitter-patter of rain against the glass. But, you’ll likely find yourself staring up at a wet patch of drywall around … Continue reading

No More Mistakes with Weatherproofing Your Home

Arizona gets hot during summer months and can be cold during winter months. Unfortunately, weatherproofing your home is not a talent that everyone possesses. If you are attempting to do it on your own, it can become a hit and … Continue reading

Avoid These Top Ten Rain Gutter Mistakes

There are no shortages of do-it-yourself folks who will venture out to make gutter repairs themselves. A lot of people get their motivation and inspiration from television shows and online videos. The problem with these sources is they give the illusion … Continue reading

Is it Time to Replace My Roof?

Every homeowner dreads the thought of, “Do I need to replace my roof?”. Mainly because it tends to be expensive, and is not something most homeowners can do themselves. But, maybe your roof has some life in it yet, here are some ways to … Continue reading

Find a Quality Roofing Contractor Phoenix Az

Home is where the roof is. Roofing material deteriorates over the years. When building a new house, having professional inspection reports on the roofing material is important. If you are the second owner of the house, get all the documents including … Continue reading

Best Ways to Prevent Roof Leaks

Leaky roofs are a common issue most homeowners have. Finding the cause of the leaky roof is something most homeowners can’t find and call in professionals to do. The water getting into the home rarely indicates where its source is, … Continue reading

Essential Reasons to Choose Metal Roofs for Your Home

Roofing can be an expensive home improvement, and most homeowners are unaware of the materials that are available for them to use. Lots of people install asphalt shingles on their home, but they could buy metal roofs instead. This type … Continue reading

You Get What You Pay For: Hiring a Quality Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roofing, you can never cut corners. Choosing the best possible service for the job is always the way to go. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune repairing the roof of an older … Continue reading

Why Trust Stell Roofing With Your Roof

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Should You Be Considering a Home Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

You might consider that to be the million-dollar question. Millions of people will make their roof inspection rounds and notice damage signs. They’ll step back in their home, sit at the kitchen table, and ponder whether the roof needs to … Continue reading

Tips on Installing Solar Panels – Reap the Benefits

Let’s face it, electricity prices are rising every year. Thus, it makes sense to consider installing a rooftop solar system. This places electricity at your fingers tips. Many people consider solar panels to be their personal solar power plant. There’s a … Continue reading

Things You Should Know About Roof Mounted AC Units

There are an estimated 87% of homes with some type of air conditioning installed. Central air conditioning is the most prevalent. Rooftop air conditioning units are usually mounted on commercial buildings. But things are beginning to change. Rooftop air conditioning units, for residential … Continue reading

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Roofing Shingles?

There are both good and bad aspects of using shingle roofing. If you’re considering buying a new home, check the roof for damage. If you’re thinking about inspecting your home’s roof, there are definite signs that it might be time … Continue reading

Roofing Damage You Should Check Before Buying a House

Before buying a house, you should conduct a thorough investigation. If you’re not capable, then hiring a professional inspector might be in order. In reality, a home inspection is more than just identifying problems, it’s also about setting the standard … Continue reading

When Should I Call a Professional for Roof Repair?

It goes without saying that the last thing anyone wants to do is call a professional roof repair company after a roof has come crashing down. While that may be exaggerating things a bit, no one should wait until their … Continue reading

How Long Will My Roof Last?

The expected life of your roof depends on a number of things like weather, the age of your home, upkeep, and its composite materials. Most homes are built with composite or asphalt shingles, which can last up to 20 years. … Continue reading

Different Types of Roofs and Roofing Material

Your budget, along with finding the best type of shingle for your roof, is a great start for installing a new roof. Just consider the following types of roofs along with the cost of roofing material. A roofing contractor can … Continue reading

10 Important Roof Maintenance Facts

Everyone knows the important roles that roofs play. They protect against the elements and help provide proper insulation and ventilation. Like everything in life, their lifespan is limited. However, there are things that homeowners can do to help prolong the … Continue reading

How to Know if Your Roof Needs Replacing

If you’re a homeowner, a solid roof over your head is crucial if your home is to remain warm, cozy, and free of leaks. If you’ve owned your home for some time or have just bought a home, it’s always good … Continue reading

Why You Should Hire a Licensed and Bonded Roofing Contractor

Your home is one of the most expensive investments you may realize over a lifetime. When anything needs fixing or replacing, it is crucial that you hire the right people for the job. When it comes to your roof, you … Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Sign Paperwork

Choosing the right roofing contractor can save you a lot of time, money, and peace of mind. Your mission, and hopefully you will decide to accept it, is to ensure the roofing contractor you hire is reputable and can get the … Continue reading

Doing Roofing Safety the Right Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

Installing or repairing a roof is no easy task. However, there will always be those brave souls who are willing to take on the job. Many people have worked in the roofing industry, worked as carpenters, or who are simply … Continue reading

Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents and Fans [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are definite benefits to installing solar powered attic vents and fans. Everyone is going green these days, and for good reason. If there are rooms in your home that get uncomfortably hot in summer, a solar powered attic fan … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day from Stell Roofing!

  Happy Mother’s Day from Stell Roofing!  

Why Green Roofs Can Be Remarkable [INFOGRAPHIC]

Green roofs can bring amazing benefits, especially if you are the kind of person that wants to preserve the earth for future generations. Green roofs serve to lesson developmental impacts on our communities by employing processes that help produce clean … Continue reading

9 Facts About Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor That’ll Keep You Up at Night [INFOGRAPHIC]

You should always do your homework when considering a roofing contractor. A job done poorly can lead to costly roof leaks and repairs in the future. This just means more money spent, and additional time wasted on your behalf. Ask … Continue reading

Tips To Help You Hire a Roofer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether the project is commercial, residential, or just a repair – finding the right roofer for the job is essential to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently. You want an experienced roofer who is licensed and fair. Finding … Continue reading

Make Your Roof Last With These Roofing Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

Your home’s roof is not just a covering for the top of the house. This essential structural component also protects the walls, foundation and interior of your home from the wind, rain, snow and sunshine. A new roof can be … Continue reading

Phoenix Passes Legislation Requiring Pet Stores to Sell Rescues

Phoenix, Arizona recently became another one of the many cities across the U.S. to pass legislation that aims to shut down puppy mills once and for all. The new ruling states that pet stores may only sell adoptable rescue pets. … Continue reading

Fall Attic Ventilation Check

Attics require a ventilation system to manage humidity and temperature levels. This prevents rot, mildew and mold while preserving indoor air quality and reducing energy costs in all seasons. Proper ventilation also extends the life of the roof and shingles. … Continue reading

How to Stop Roofing Scammers On Their Tracks [Infographic]

At some point in time, every house needs a new roof. If the need for a new roof arises due to a storm or other unexpected problems like a fallen tree, scammers may try to get your money. There are … Continue reading

A Potential Tragedy Transformed Into a Life Saving Rescue

A recent news story from Phoenix highlights the importance of quick thinking during an emergency. It also demonstrates the essential role of CPR in saving lives and the heroism of local police officers. On July 2nd, dispatchers at the Phoenix … Continue reading

Save Lives by Hiring An OSHA Compliant Roofer

Finding a quality roofing contractor can sometimes be difficult. There are new roofing companies starting up nearly every day, and some of them do good work at a decent price while others are less of bargain. In addition to these … Continue reading

Beware of Roofing Contractor Scammers

[jamiesocial] Finding a reputable roofing contractor can be a difficult process. The existence of numerous contractor scams is proof that consumers always have to be wary of unscrupulous individuals who pass themselves off as professional roofing contractors but are only … Continue reading

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Phoenix roofer companies are a dime a dozen. We know that. We see knuckleheads all the time on other job sites. That's why it's important that your roof be installed by a team with a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau. We wear our A+ rating we received from them with pride because it represents all the hard work we do for our roofing customers here in Phoenix. Check out our rating page on the BBB site and then give us a call at (623) 688-8280. We're ready to hook you up.


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Virgie Chostner
Virgie Chostner
02:58 25 May 17
What a great company! They started at 530am and stayed and finished until 730pm. My roof had not been replaced in over 23yrs. The replaced every piece of rotten wood and replaced it. I loved that we got pictures of the progress throughout the day. They wanted to make sure every step was what we wanted. I highly recommend them and there price was very reasonable
Kat Londen
Kat Londen
16:23 01 Apr 17
My husband and I hired Stell to replace our roof two weeks ago and we couldn't be happier with our choice! I highly recommend them, no qualms.We sought out quotes from several highly-rated companies in the Valley, all with competitive prices quoted, but ultimately we chose Stell because of their high quality work, their excellent communication, and their detailed assessment of our roof and the work they would need to do. The bottom line is that we felt we could trust Stell with this huge investment in our home, and I'm happy to say that trust was well placed.Originally, Stell estimated it would take one day to replace our roof. But they found some additional issues once work started that meant it ended up taking them a day and a half. This actually made us really happy because that's the whole reason we hired Stell - we wanted a company that would get the job done right. The owner kept us updated all along the way. In the end, we have a beautiful new roof that's been done right. I never expected a new roof to give me so much satisfaction. Is this what they call pride of ownership? Haha!I'd also like to compliment the crew and not only the awesome work they did, but how respectful they were of our home. My flowers weren't crushed at the end of it all, and each day they left our home exterior honestly cleaner than when they started, including a thorough search for stray nails at the end of the job.
Sunny Anderson
Sunny Anderson
20:27 18 Apr 17
From the initial contact to the completed job, I could not be more impressed with Stell Roofing. 1) Mike met me in person at my home to quote the job. He was friendly, and prepared with all of his certifications, licensure, and samples for me to check out. He didn't pressure me at all; just shook my hand and thanked me for the opportunity to get me an estimate. His attitude, lack of sales pressure, and knowledge of what would be needed is what won Stell the job (not to mention they came in almost $1,500 less than the other quote I received).2) Michelle assisted me with getting our appointment scheduled quickly (within 3 weeks of my call), and also helped when my homeowners' insurance company needed verification that the roof was being replaced. She was wonderful to work with, and let me rest easy, knowing that she was taking care of everything my insurance needed.3) The day of my appointment, the crew was right on time. They arrived promptly at 6am, and they were completely done with the roof and all cleanup by 2:30pm. We have a small home, but I did not expect that kind of efficiency! I was amazed at how quickly their crew worked!I highly recommend Stell Roofing for any roofing project you might have. There's a reason that they're so highly rated! Great company, and I'm so happy with the awesome work they did for us!
Kara Anderson
Kara Anderson
00:21 11 Apr 17
Awesome experience from start to finish. The Stell team was always true to its word and got our new roof installation done in a day. They did a thorough job on the clean-up, too. The result looks great! Oh, and did I mention they were the lowest bid! I would absolutely recommend.
Jeffrey Kolomitz
Jeffrey Kolomitz
03:45 10 Mar 17
Stell Roofing was exceptional, great price for the service we received. They finished our roof in one day!! They offered more than the other two companies we looked at: venting the attic and ridge vent. Great warranty too. Kept us in the loop all day on the progress and cleaned up afterwards. Great crew (super efficient) and customer service. Definitely recommend Stell Roofing!
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